Parents & Community - HEALTH

School Health

The School Nurse is in attendance on Wednesdays from 8.30 am to 2.00 pm. At other times, children who are ill, or injured, will be supervised in the sick bay as an interim measure.

Sudden Sickness or Accident

Minor injuries or illnesses which occur during the day are normally attended to at school. In more serious situations, every endeavour is made to contact either parent or the emergency contact to arrange for the child to be collected from school.  In extreme emergencies the student may be taken to the hospital before the parents are notified.

Please ensure all contact details are up to date.

Infectious Diseases

The following ailments require a period of exclusion from school unless a doctor is prepared to issue a medical certificate indicating that the child is free from infection and well enough to return to school.


Chicken Pox When sufficently recovered
Conjuntivitis After treatment has commenced
Diphtheria Medical Certificate only
Viral Hepatitis Medical Certificate only
Impetigo (School sores) Must be under treatment
Influenza Return when symptons subside
Measles Seven days from onset
Mumps On Medical Certificate
Head Lice (nits) Once treated
Ring Worm Once all signs subside
Rubella Medical Certificate
Scabies After treatment has commenced
Whooping Cough Medical Certificate onyl



Smoking is prohibited on school grounds. Parents and visitors to the school are asked to abide by this.

Dental Therapy Van

Dental Therapy visits our school every year.  The dental van is here till April 6th 2020.