The wearing of uniforms is actively encouraged by both school staff and parents. Shirts with motifs or slogans are considered to be inappropriate attire. Classes on excursion are expected to be in uniform, unless told otherwise. A copy of the school's uniform order form is located under the tab Parent & Community on this website and can be  handed into the front office where orders will be processed.  The Uniform shop is open weekly on Wednesdays 8:15am to 8:45am.


Black skirt/shorts/slacks and gold polo shirt with logo. A yellow checked summer dress is also available


Black shorts or trousers and a gold polo shirt with logo.

Gold polo shirts with the school motif are preferred. For cooler weather a zip jacket is available to order from the uniform shop.

The school’s P&C Association operates a uniform shop and information about ordering school uniforms is circulated periodically. Good quality garments at reasonable prices can be ordered at any time. Please contact the school reception for details.


  • Students are required to wear sensible, closed-in footwear or sandals to school
  • Thongs and heeled sandals are not considered appropriate.


Students with long hair will be required to tie their hair back at school. Students are asked not have their hair coloured.


Students should not wear jewellery to school.  The school will accept that a student is limited to a watch and a medic alert bracelet/necklace.

Piercings – should be unobtrusive (e.g. studs, small sleepers and single stones) and nonoffensive and exclude anything which is a safety hazard to the student or others (e.g. hoop or dangly earrings or spacers). Visible body piercings are to be limited to the ears only and should not exceed 2 (functional not fashionable) earrings per ear. 


It is school policy that all children are to wear broad brimmed hats for all organised physical education activities and while playing in the sun at recess and lunchtime. The ‘No Hat, No Play’ policy is fully supported by our school as an effective means of protecting students from the harmful effects of exposure to UV rays. Please be supportive of this policy in the interests of your child’s long term health.

Lost Property

Please mark all items of clothing clearly as this enables found items to be returned to the owner.

Book Lists

Classroom requirement Book lists are provided by Ziggys. At the end of the year book lists are sent home to be purchased for the following year.